Location partners

Onomatopee Eindhoven

Onomatopee Projects, founded in 2006 and directed by Freek Lomme since, is a curating and editorially led public gallery and publisher that is particularly known for their self-initiated and transdisciplinary projects. Furthermore, they also host the projects of progressive individuals as well as artist-run and institutional organisations.

Bureau Europa Maastricht

In 2006 Bureau Europa was founded as NAI Maastricht, a satellite venue of the former Netherlands Architecture Institute (NAI) in Rotterdam. Since 2013, the organisation operates independently as Bureau Europa, platform for architecture and design. As a presentation platform and network organisation, Bureau Europa presents exhibitions, lectures, workshops, city tours, and other discourse-based activities in the field of architecture, urbanism, and design.

Z33 Hasselt

Z33 is a groundbreaking art institution in Hasselt, at the crossroads of art, design and architecture. A shelter in the periphery, with a wonderful new building and a versatile program. An unpolished leeway for artistic research. With a view of the world, feet in the mud and a heart for talent development, learning, learning, research fun and sparking collaborations. Expect the unexpected at Z33.

Groninger Museum

The Groninger Museum is well-known for its exceptional and colourful building and also because of its fascinating exhibitions and intriguing collection.The Groninger Museum has proven over the years that a museum can be a place for both study and relaxation. It is bursting with artistic energy, which is obvious as you pass by.