About ‘Designers write’

Designers write is a podcast about the role of designers in the climate crisis and all the other worldwide disasters we face. Moderator Aynouk Tan talks with designers and design critics on essays they have written about their challenges and a possible future for design. The essays and historical texts are published on this website.

Designers write comes at a crucial time. Because it’s clear we can’t continue like this. Ecological collapse, economic inequality, neo-colonial exploitation in low-wage countries and on top of that a pandemic — the world is in the grip of scandals and crises. These are no surprises. For example, it has been fifty years since the Club of Rome predicted many of the current problems in The Limits to Growth. And each of those problems has a relationship with the design field.

We invited (writing) designers to give their vision on these themes in an essay. In the three-part podcast Designers write we discuss a total of six selected essays. The authors of the selected essays jointly discuss the content of their texts and its implications for the future of the design profession, together with moderator Aynouk Tan. Further reflection is given by text curators Aminata Cairo, Marjanne van Helvert and Florian Cramer. And every episode features a historical design-related text selected and read by head curator Joeri Pruys. Read more about the team here.

Designers write is an initiative of Designplatform Rotterdam and head curator Joeri Pruys. The Designers write team thanks BNO (Association of Dutch Designers) and DesignDigger for distribution support. The project is supported by Creative Industries Fund NL. The organization also thanks Lucas Verweij, Bureau Europa Maastricht, Onomatopee Eindhoven, Groninger Museum, Z33 Hasselt, Dutch Design Week, and ABCND Store.